Wait List 

Why a Wait List?
Most of our puppies find their homes by people on our wait list.  We like being able to take our time finding the best homes for our puppies between litters because that allows us more time to spend taking care of your puppy once they are already here.   A wait list also helps our puppy families start preparing for their puppy's arrival far in advance.  We find that this long term planning benefits our puppies in the long run and it gives people more variety to choose from when you can choose from multiple future litters instead of just what is currently available.   Occasionally, we have more puppies than people on the waitlist and you can see those on the "Available Puppies" page. 

Wait List Agreement    


(This page is your information only.  If you choose to move forward, we will send you this agreement with your specific waitlist number by email and it will be in an e-sign format. )


Thank you for considering Windy City Pomsky for the new addition to your family. Choosing a breeder to provide your long-term pet and family member is an important choice and we are honored that you choose us. When we receive your deposit, you will be placed on our puppy waiting list. Your waiting list deposit will be used toward the purchase of a puppy. This is not a contract for purchase of a puppy. This is a deposit agreement to be put on our waiting list. This agreement is not valid until we have met in person or by live video chat.


Deposit: $500  This will go toward the final payment of your puppy.


Total cost of your puppy will be: $3000-$4500


Payment Methods Accepted- Zelle, PayPal and Cash.   Now accepting credit card payments.  Standard credit card fees apply. You will receive a receipt from us immediately for your records.


 How Our Picking Process Works:


 - Wait list priority is based on when we receive your deposit.

 - "Pick Week" is the 6th week after the puppies are born. We will provide this date early on after the puppies are born. This is the latest date the puppies need to be spoken for by the wait list.

 - Once the first person on the list makes a choice, we will notify the next person on the list. - We will go down the wait list in order from 1st Pick, 2nd Pick and so on.

 - Each person on the wait list has the choice of picking from the available puppies or to choose to wait until the next litter. When they wait until the next litter, they jump to the front of the line of the next litter. Windy City Pomsky always reserves the right to first pick, but we do not keep a puppy from every litter we produce. - We will be sending several pictures and videos as the puppies grow and develop from birth.

 - If requested, we can make arrangements for you to see the puppies in person in a safe controlled environment, otherwise you can rely on video chat, pictures, videos and our personal recommendations when it comes time for you to make your final choice.

 - Once a puppy is chosen, we will send you the official purchase contract for your puppy that both the buyer and seller will sign. (You should receive a purchase contract template before signing this document as a preview) Please ask for a copy if you have not received it.

 - Once everyone on the wait list has made their decisions, any remaining puppies available will be sold to the public.

 - Puppies go home after they are 8 weeks old and passed a veterinary checkup and first set of shots.

 - Payment must be made in full by the time you pick up or receive your puppy. Payment may be made in person on pick up day as well.

- If you choose not to home an available puppy, you can choose to stay on the waiting list for a future litter. You may choose to pass your turn on the list for up to three years, using the same original deposit. A deposit is only refundable if we cannot offer any available puppies within 14 months (about two heat cycles). If you still are declining available puppies after three years, you come off our list and lose your waiting list place. You can resend a new deposit and start over.

If Signed On __08/21/2021___ Your Number on the Wait List __7___ (If signing at a later date, please ask for update)  

Please Initial Statements Below:

 ____ I have done research on the Pomsky breed as well as on the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian breeds that they are made up of.

____ I will provide a government issued ID to prove I am who I say I am.  (Driver’s License, Passport or State issued Photo ID) 30

 ____ I understand that even through careful selective breeding for desirable traits, the puppy will acquire traits from both the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian sides of its ancestry and that every puppy has a different combination of these traits.

____I will provide a fenced yard or dog run and daily walks for exercise.

 ____ I understand that this breed is part Siberian Husky, and that Siberian Huskies are bred to pull heavy sleighs through the snow. While Pomskies are smaller and tamer, they are still strong, fast and have endless endurance for exercise. The more age-appropriate physical and mental activity you give them, the better behaved they will be.

____ I understand that Pomskies are prone to running away if not secured. They are master escape artists and may learn to escape from their crates and even unlock doors. I am committed to making sure my puppy will be secured at all times and to use extra measures if they learn how to get out of their current enclosure because I understand they will continue to do it once they learn how.

 ____ This puppy is a companion animal only and will not be used for breeding purposes.  I agree to sign the spay and neuter contract.

 ____I will include my dog as part of the family, allowing both indoor and outdoor time with my dog.

 ____I will provide regular vet check-ups, immunizations as needed and care by a vet as needed.

____I will NEVER tie my dog up with a chain or rope or other device that restricts his movement and leave him unattended.

 ____I am aware of the care, money and time that is necessary in raising a Pomsky

 ____I will provide training to produce a sound and obedient dog. Never with harsh or corporal punishment. They learn easily and want to please.

 ____I will never leave my dog at a shelter or rescue. If I can no longer care for my dog and cannot find a suitable new home with family or friends, he/she will be returned to Windy City Pomsky under all circumstances.

 ____I have read through the Puppy Purchase Contract and am comfortable with purchasing a puppy from Windy City Pomsky when the time comes.

 ____ I know what number I will be on the wait list in relation to everyone else and I am aware of the litters I will be choosing from.

____ I have read the “Fine Print” below.



The “Fine Print”

Most of our puppies conceived naturally have grown up to be 20-25lbs fully grown, with a couple over and a couple under this range. We can never make any guarantees on the adult size, but we will do our best using growth charts, knowledge of previous litters from the same parents and overall structure and constitution of the puppy. If you really have your heart set on very specific physical attributes, having first or second pick of a litter or waiting for a special pairing would better your chances. Talk to us about your expectations and we will be very honest about the likelihood of us being able to fulfill your requests.

 Buyers must understand that a breeder cannot guarantee the results of any breeding. Most pairings result in a litter, but some may not. If you are on a waiting list, and a pairing results in a litter, you will receive a puppy if there are enough puppies to meet your requests and of those ahead of you on our waiting list. If there are not enough puppies born to a litter, your position moves up on the list, and you will be offered a puppy from an available litter in the future after those ahead of you on the list are offered a puppy. It is important to remember that litters have varying gender counts, so we cannot guarantee you a certain gender on any upcoming litter. If we cannot provide your requested puppy gender, you are moved up on the list as described above and put on a future litter list. If you are open to either gender, this helps your ability to receive a puppy sooner. We will try to meet your litter preference request or gender preference whenever possible. Wait list priority is based on the date we receive your deposit. We reserve the right to 1st pick of any litter we produce.

We have years of experience matching puppies with their perfect homes. Every puppy has a different personality just like humans do. If we feel that you have chosen a puppy that does not coincide with your lifestyle and your intended care of the puppy, we have the right to refuse your choice. As a breeder, we have reserved the right to exercise or not exercise a purchase contract all the way up to pick up time when we sign a puppy contract.

The puppy that you pick will change as the puppy develops into an adult. Your adult dog will be based on how you train and care for your puppy. Being choosy about the puppy at pick time will not result in the perfect dog but being dedicated to training the puppy is most important. Training and loving the dog will help create a “special dog” for you and your family. We want our clients to understand that puppies are each unique and dynamic and need continued training as they grow. Great training most often results in a great pet. We cannot guarantee how your puppy will turn out as an adult, but we can guarantee that not training your puppy can result in an unruly or difficult adult.


I, ____________________ , understand and agree to the above terms for my waiting list deposit for a puppy from Windy City Pomsky Signature:

Printed Name:





Gender Requested________ (male, female or either) (if this gender preference cannot be provided, you will be moved to a future litter)