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Welcome and thank you for considering us in your search for a Pomsky puppy that will be your companion and family member!  It is an honor that you would consider us for this life changing addition.  We take this responsibility very seriously and will do our absolute best to provide you with a puppy that you will love and cherish.  We are located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL, but we can hand deliver your puppy anywhere in the United States with our trusted flight nanny.  We look forward to getting to know you and finding the perfect puppy for your lifestyle.   


Every Puppy Now Comes With:

  • Support from us for the life of your puppy

  • 1 year health guarantee 

  • 1 month free pet insurance through Trupanion

  • Discounted Lifetime membership to the puppy training and  preparation school, Baxter and Bella (Optional) 

  • Embark DNA test results of health and ancestry of your puppy's parents

  • Fi Nano Microchip 

  • All age-appropriate vaccinations  

  • Deworming at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old

  • Full veterinary report from our vet

  • APKC (American Pomsky Kennel Club) Registration

  • Birth certificate and adoption certificate 

  • Folder of useful information for what to do when you   come home and other topics we think you might find useful based on our conversations with you.  

  • Goody bag of toys, treats and supplies

  • Blanket that smells like mom and littermates to be used as a comfort object.


We try to keep this page updated as much as possible, but we are more often taking care of the dogs than in front of a computer.  Please note the "Updated On" date for current available puppies.  For the most accurate status on our puppies, just call or text Eva any time at 847-571-3660.  


What Do We Do All Day?

Our puppies live inside our home with us, and they are treated as our own pets.  They get constant socialization from our other adult dogs, kids and adults.  Every single interaction is a learning experience for them that can positively or negatively affect them later on in life.  We go about our normal lives, cooking meals, doing schoolwork, cleaning and just spending time together with the puppies around us as they would experience in their forever homes.  Our job is to show them that people are kind and can be trusted.  Animals are friendly and there are enough resources for everyone to coexist happily. 


Our focus is to raise happy, healthy puppies that will transition to your home as easily as possible.  Our days are filled with new adventures for the puppies to experience in a safe controlled environment to ensure that they are left with a positive impression of the experience. 

Adventures can include anything from exploring outside with their mom for reassurance, to car rides with classical music playing, playing in the shower and getting to lick peanut butter off the tub, meeting friendly new people that may not look or sound like the people that have raised them and many other experiences to get them ready for the real world. 


In addition to daily adventures, the puppies receive a daily "massage" that helps desensitize them to the kinds of touch they will encounter at the vet, children and other pets in their new homes.  The "massage" includes, and is not limited to, covering their eyes, tapping or clipping nails, touching inside of ears with a baby wipe, cleaning eyes, gently tugging on ears, tugging on the tail, fingers in the mouth touching gums and patting from head to tail the way a small child would.  This kind of training has been effectively used in training future therapy dogs, but we think it's important for non-working companions as well.  After every working session, the puppies receive lots of love and affection from us to thank them for the hard work they have put in.  



Call/Text Eva: 847-571-3660

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