Windy City Pomsky is family run Pomsky breeder based in the Chicago NW suburbs.  We breed one litter at a time to give our puppies the best love and care possible.   Our puppies live inside our home with us and they are treated as our own pets.  They get constant socialization from our other adult dogs, kids and adults.    Every interaction is a learning experience for them how to behave around others.  Just as with our own pets, we begin house training as soon as they can walk to on their own.  Our focus is to raise puppies that will transition to your home as easily as possible.



Welcome and thank you for considering us in your search for a Pomsky puppy that will be your companion and family member!  It is an honor that you would consider us for this life changing addition.  We take this responsibility very seriously and will do our absolute best to provide you with a  puppy that you will love and cherish.

  We try to keep this page updated as much as possible, but we are more often taking care of the dogs than in front of a computer. For the most accurate status on our puppies and information about the way we do things, just call or text us anytime at






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