Available Puppies

All of the puppies in our current litter have been chosen by people on our wait list, but we have more on the way!  Most of our puppies do get chosen by people on our wait list, but occasionally we have some that have not been chosen.  Any puppies not chosen by the wait list will be listed here individually.  Signing up for the wait list is the best way to ensure that you get one of our puppies.  As breeders, the wait list helps us make sure that our puppies have loving homes lined up for them before they are born.  It allows us to take our time in selecting the best homes for our little ones.  The wait list also gives us the opportunity to have more time to take care of your puppy once they are already here. 


  Wait list is still open for puppies arriving in June and August!

(Wait list for Belle and Spencer's puppies due in May is full)  

To join our waitlist, please follow the steps below:

We don’t have any products to show here right now.