Registrations and Associations

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Good Dog is on a mission to connect good with good to weed out the bad. In that pursuit, we have sought out and worked with some of the top academics and practitioners in the field to develop community standards, which are grounded in evidence-based research and backed by science. Every member of our community must pass our screening process and meet or exceed our community standards before joining Good Dog.

Our screening department comprehensively considers many aspects of a breeding program, focusing on five key areas:

  1. Breeding practices

  2. Physical health of the breeding dogs and puppies

  3. Mental health of the breeding dogs and puppies

  4. Environment

  5. Buyer education and policies

American Pomsky Kennel Club, a nonprofit organization (NPO) that is dedicated to furthering the Pomsky breed, with our ultimate goal being AKC recognition. 

Pomsky Owners Association, 

an association of Pomsky owners and Pomsky breeders.  POA helps people find, own, and raise the perfect Pomsky.

Pomsky Breeders Association. The PBA is a group for reputable pomsky breeders who strive to better the breed, produce top quality, and authentic pomsky puppies.