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Abby is a "silver" Pomsky female, characterized by the stripe down her back when she was born, although it has a light red tint to it.   We often see Siberian Huskies with this type of coloring and we think its so cool to see it on such a tiny little fluff.  Her coat is wooly and she has stunning double blue eyes framed by an open husky mask.  Her markings are looking VERY similar to her dad, Sushi, at this age, but with a reddish tint to her fur.  Estimated adult size 10-13lbs fully grown, she is the smallest of the litter. Abby is very playful with her littermates, but loves being held by her humans, especially kids.   The puppies are ready to go home now! They have already been vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and litter box trained.  We follow a combination of the Puppy Culture protocol and Badass Breeder program for raising puppies. We feel that these programs dramatically improve the puppies transition to their forever homes and gives them foundational skills in house training, learning to pay attention to their humans, crate training and walking on a leash. It also exposes them to a many potentially “scary” things in the real world, but we do it in a friendly controlled way (and with treats 🐾) to help make a positive first impression on them. We introduce something new to the puppies every day! Potential new things can be and not limited to doorbells, other friendly pets, sounds of kids playing, construction noises, grooming, vet visits, car rides and so much more. Our goal is to create healthy, happy, confident puppies, so they can be the best companions for you and your family. All of the puppies are fully litter box trained by the time they leave us. Litter box training starts at just 2 weeks old when they open their eyes. By the time they leave us at 8 weeks, they are pros at it. Outdoor potty training depends on current weather conditions, and the size of the puppies, but all of them start getting exposure to outdoor potty training at 6 weeks old.

Every puppy in this litter comes with:


* Support from us for the life of your puppy

* 1 year health guarantee

* 1 month free pet insurance through Trupanion

* Discounted lifetime membership to the puppy training and preparation school, Baxter and Bella ($178, regular price $238)

* Embark DNA test results of health and ancestry of your puppy's parents

* Fi Nano Microchip

* All age-appropriate vaccinations

* Deworming at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old

* Full veterinary report from our vet

* APKC (American Pomsky Kennel Club) Registration

* Birth certificate and adoption certificate

* Folder of useful information for what to do when you come home and other topics we think you might find useful based on our conversations with you.

* Goody bag of toys, treats and supplies

* Blanket that smells like mom and littermates to be used as a comfort object


Transportation: We are located in the NW Chicago, IL suburbs, but our puppies can be delivered via flight nanny anywhere in the United States. Our trusted flight nanny is fantastic and ensures that your puppy is safe and comfortable traveling in cabin with her. She charges $550 including flight and you would pay her directly when she meets you in your hometown airport with your puppy.


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