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About Us

We are family run Pomsky breeders based in the Chicago NW suburbs.   Even prior to breeding, we have always been a multi dog household.  Siberian Huskies where our first love.  Their personalities are just so friendly, playful and goofy.  It is hard to reconcile that with their majestic looks.  The puppy phase is undoubtably the cutest phase of the Husky.  When we heard that there was a dog looking like a husky puppy for life, we knew that we needed to add one to the pack!  Our first Pomksy was a dream compared to raising our Siberian Huskies as puppies.  He was absolutely adorable to the point that we could not walk by anyone on the street without them stopping to tell us how he was the cutest puppy they have ever seen. He was also milder mannered and more eager to please than our Huskies as puppies.  His personality was almost identical to a Husky, goofy, energetic and talkative, but it was just softer with the rough edges rounded out.  His size was also much more manageable.  We knew that there was something very special in this breed and we wanted to share that with others.   

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